Tizwot and the Could’ve Beans

Tizwot and the Could’ve Beans

(Lyndall Bywater, April 2019)


It was a gloomy Saturday morning on the little street. ‘The perfect day for a clear-out,’ Fixit the Dog had said. ‘Let’s empty all those cupboards we’ve been ignoring for months!’ She bounced a little, nearly wiping Scratchit Cat’s coffee table clean of its contents by the wagging of her extremely bushy tail.


‘If it gets you out of my house,’ said Scratchit, teeth clenched and claws flexing, ‘then I’m all for it.’ Continue reading “Tizwot and the Could’ve Beans”

Tizwot’s Request – a story about the prayers we pray

Tizwot the Sheep, Scratchit the Cat and Fixit the Dog are back … this time helping me to rummage around in my thoughts on prayer. It’s a long story, so I’ve broken it into 3 parts.

Tizwot’s Request (Part 1)

Tizwot’s Request (Part 2)

Tizwot’s Request (Part 3)

Three Reactions – the thoughts that brought Tizwot’s Story into being

(You can read Tizwot’s Story at this link if you haven’t already.)

Tizwot’s Truth – a story about dealing with things we don’t like 

I read this quote in a Richard Rohr Daily Meditation email recently and it set me thinking about the ways in which I respond to things:

‘[Here is] a simple schema for noticing from where we are listening and responding at a given time. Continue reading “Three Reactions – the thoughts that brought Tizwot’s Story into being”