Tizwot and the Could’ve Beans

Tizwot and the Could’ve Beans

(Lyndall Bywater, April 2019)


It was a gloomy Saturday morning on the little street. ‘The perfect day for a clear-out,’ Fixit the Dog had said. ‘Let’s empty all those cupboards we’ve been ignoring for months!’ She bounced a little, nearly wiping Scratchit Cat’s coffee table clean of its contents by the wagging of her extremely bushy tail.


‘If it gets you out of my house,’ said Scratchit, teeth clenched and claws flexing, ‘then I’m all for it.’ Continue reading “Tizwot and the Could’ve Beans”


Tizwot’s Truth – a story about dealing with things we don’t like

Tizwot’s Truth

(Lyndall Bywater, January 2019)

(16 minute read)

Tizwot the Sheep lived in a pretty little bungalow on the edge of a pretty little village (and for the purposes of this story I’ll ask you to kindly refrain from pointing out that sheep don’t live in bungalows). Continue reading “Tizwot’s Truth – a story about dealing with things we don’t like”